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I'm a PhD student in Hispanic Linguistics at Indiana University. On my site you will find information on my three main hobbies (Romance Languages, money saving, Ecuadorian numismatics & philately) as well as my resumé. I hope you find my site informative and enjoyable, and welcome your input (email me or use the convenient feedback pages found on most of the subpages of my site).
Click here for the Ecuador electronic postcards homepage! ECUADOR ELECTRONIC POSTCARDS HOMEPAGE: Send a virtual postcard to a friend with an Ecuadorian theme: coins, stamps, or landscape.
Click here for the Romance Language Learning home page! ROMANCE LANGUAGE LEARNING HOMEPAGE: A collection of links to online references (dictionaries, verb conjugators), reading material (literature, newspapers, magazines), Internet radio stations, chats, and other materials in various Romance languages. Some materials for other languages spoken in the same countries.
Click here for the Money Saving Tips & Tools home page! MONEY SAVINGS TIPS & TOOLS HOMEPAGE: Suggestions and links to help you stretch your money by buying discount postage, using credit cards that earn rebates, etc. Also, links to contests and free stuff on the web, with an emphasis on free homepages and "goodies" for them.
Click here for the Ecuadorian Numismatics & Philately home page! ECUADORIAN NUMISMATICS & PHILATELY PAGE: See a general introduction to Ecuadorian coins, banknotes, or stamps, or information on Ecuador's dollarization. View/contribute to research in progress such as a complete Ecuadorian bibliography, list of new varieties discovered, list of errors in Standard Catalogs, etc. See my banknote collection specializing in series/signature varieties not listed in Pick. Buy or trade for some of my extras or view my wantlist.
Click here for my resumé! MY RESUME: If you are curious to learn more about me, read my resumé. And if you want to hire me for my Spanish/English tutoring, translating, or interpreting services, let me know!
Click here for the super search page! SUPER SEARCH PAGE: Every search engine you might possibly need, all in one place. Includes general web search as well as specialized engines such as city information, discussion groups, jobs, online auction listings, software downloads, TV schedule, and many more.
Click here for the latest news! WHAT'S NEW: Click here to read about the latest additions or changes to my site, or to join my mailing list.
Click here for my sitemap! SITE MAP: Click here to see a site map of my site, organized in outline form. 

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